Your Photobucket HashtagBeta

Create a unique hashtag, use it when you post photos on social sites, and watch those photos instantly appear in your Photobucket album.

Claim your hashtag

Here's how it works:

Here's how it works:

Claim your Photobucket hashtag.

Create your very own hashtag. Once activated, you and your friends can add photos to your Photobucket album by using this hashtag on social sites.

Claim your hashtag

Use your Photobucket Hashtag.

Simply add your hashtag to public photos on:

Those photos will get copied into your Photobucket album.

Share your Photobucket Hashtag
with friends and family

Tell your friends to use your hashtag on their social sites. See the best moments from everyone come together. Share the collection with anyone, anywhere.

Voila! All photos with your Photobucket Hashtag instantly appear in your Photobucket album.

It's never been easier to gather photos together in one place!