Photobucket Member Bill of Rights

1. The images in your Photobucket account will never be deleted by Photobucket*.
2. You will always have a free plan or free trial plan option. This offering may change over time, but Photobucket will always offer a free plan or free trial plan for consumers who need our services.
3. You will always have input on Photobucket offerings. Photobucket exists to serve the photo storage and sharing needs of our community. We will always have channels for members to deliver feedback and suggestions, which will be seen by decision makers.
4. Photobucket will continue to use state-of-the-art technology to keep your photos secure. Photobucket understands that privacy and security will continue to be a growing concern. We will always make privacy options available to our customers and your specific privacy settings will not be adjusted by Photobucket without prior consent from you.

*excludes content that violates our Terms of Use