Important Changes To Your Account

On January 15, 2019, Photobucket is implementing the following changes to our free and premium accounts that will impact our members:

Our free plan storage limit is now 2.5GB

Effective January 15, 2019, all existing free accounts will be limited to 2.5GB regardless of prior storage limits. This means that If your account is over its available space, you will need to purchase one of our affordable premium plans or download images so that your account meets the new 2.5GB limit.

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Upgrades to premium accounts

Our new premium plans will maintain many of their current features like enhanced image hosting, powerful privacy controls, and an ad-free experience.

New features include:

  • Better overall experience, delivering more value - faster and easier
  • Increased storage limits for our premium plans
  • Enhanced security features - encrypted image hosting and storage
  • Zero upload image compression
  • Improved hosting and sharing - access to our content delivery network, easier sharing across social media platforms
  • The return of video storage capability (coming early 2019)

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Why are We Making Changes to our Free Accounts?

Over our 15-year history, many Photobucket offerings have come and gone, leaving our members fragmented into several different plans, storage sizes, and feature sets. It’s difficult to have a vibrant community when experiences and expectations of Photobucket are so different. Re-aligning our plan structure is key to bringing us together as the Photobucket community.These changes are a vital step in becoming a better partner to all of our users. We also understand that change can be difficult even when it’s beneficial.

In order to bring us together as a community and give our members peace of mind, we have adopted the Photobucket Member Bill of Rights. This is what you can expect from us and how we respect our community of members. You can read them here.

We are committed to creating a better experience for our community of members and believe this is just the first step toward the future. We look forward to having you part of the Photobucket journey!

$4.03 per month based upon annual subscription purchase. See plans page for additional offer terms.

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